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From Softwash Proportioners to Softwash Systems in 3 weeks….

Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel Softwash Chemical Mixing Proportioner

This is how we went from releasing our new product the Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel Softwash Chemical Mixing Proportioner by launching our website and online store

To 3 weeks later having great interest and unexpected demand for affordable entire Stainless Steel Van Mounted Softwash Systems.

Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel Van Mounted System.

To showcase our stainless steel chemical mixing proportioner the Chem Mix Pro we needed to have a demonstration model hooked up with water, hypo and surfactant to show the proportioner working.

What better way is there to showcase a softwash chemical mixing proportioner than to have it built into an entire softwash system.

After the creation of the proportioner itself, the dials, ratio chart, website and all other stuff involved in starting a new business.

The time had come to create an entire custom built van mounted softwash system for our Chem Mix Pro to be featured and displayed in. Providing us with a working demonstration model.

This website only went live on 1st January 2023, 3 weeks later our system was completed after being built from scratch.

After already having great interest in the proportioner alone. The photo above along with a dodgy video on YouTube, was then uploaded and the response has been incredible. Main interest being the entire stainless steel van mounted softwash system.

The system shown in the photo above includes a number of required additional features for the purpose and suitability of our specific van and exterior cleaning business.

Therefore we will now be developing a range of stainless steel van mounted softwash systems.

The First System in the range will be based on our system but without the additional features. Therefore enabling us to create a shorter system in length with the system control panel on a single end making this system suited for vans with a single side loading door.

Chem Mix Pro – Rinse & Fill – 30 Metre Hose – Stainless Steel Van Mounted Softwash System

○ Stainless Steel Unit 90x40x50cm.

○ Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel Chemical Mixing Proportioner.

○ Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel Rinse & Fill Module.

○ Everflo EFSW5500 20.8lpm – 4.1bar – 12V Bleach Pump.

○ 25 Litre, Metered Sodium Hypochlorite Tank.

○ 15 Litre Surfactant Tank.

○ 30 Metre Stainless Steel Hose Reel.

○ 30 Metre Chemical Resistant Hose.

○ PA Italy RB35 Washgun.

○ PA Italy RL60 Trigger gun.

○ Stainless Steel Softwash J-rod.

○ Stainless Steel Banjo Fittings.

○ 130ah Leisure Battery.

○ 10amp Smart Charger.

We aim to have the first of these systems built and available for sale in the coming weeks. Stay updated across our social media networks.

For more information on our van mounted systems or any of our products please contact us directly

☎️ 0151 559 0668 📱0777 229 8591 📧

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