UK Softwashing

Chem Mix Pro are the new kids in town within the UK softwashing industry for 2023.

Our name “Chem Mix Pro ” originated from development of our chemical mixing proportioner.

Our Stainless Steel Softwash Proportioner….

The “Chem Mix Pro “

Our main focus is to help develop the growth of the UK softwashing industry.

Our aim is to develop, create and supply fit for purpose, affordable softwashing equipment for the UK market.

Until now the UK softwashing industry has been dominated by our friends from over the pond.

Let’s look at the well known “Big Mc” for an example…. the UK’s version of the “Big Mc” is significantly smaller than the USA version.

The UK softwashing industry for starters is significantly smaller than it is across the pond, our buildings are smaller, outside areas smaller.

Consequently meaning that the softwashing jobs we carry out in the UK are smaller in scale and with less regulatory.

The exterior substrates we clean in the UK are also different from those in the USA.

In the UK most roofs for example are made from slate, clay, concrete etc as apposed to the USA asphalt or fibreglass roof shingles.

Additionally the exterior of buildings differ with most “older” properties in the UK being made from brick or stone.

Apposed to in the USA that’s buildings are mainly made with wood and often dressed with cladding or K-rend.

Softwashing still has its place in the UK exterior cleaning industry regardless of the above factors.

In the UK the climate & weather presents many different factors not seen in other countries.

Damp, shaded areas that become habitats for all sorts of aquatic organisms such as algae, moss, lichen, blackspot etc.

In many cases softwashing is the only way to ensure that such organisms are removed from the surfaces effectively.

Currently in the UK the softwashing industry is still in its infancy, are friends from over the pond have only just set up shop in the UK bringing their USA style systems to our shores.

For many of the UK exterior cleaning companies, softwashing is an edition to your business, much like pressure washing, waterfed pole window cleaning, gutter vacuum cleaning etc.

Therefore we have developed our products and systems to become an edition to your exterior cleaning business rather than the entirety of it.

Our Stainless Steel Softwash System….

Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel “bespoke softwash system”

Our new to be released stainless steel van pack softwashing system is just that….

An affordable addition to your business along with an affordable compact softwash system to install in your exterior cleaning vehicles.

Requiring only a direct feed from your existing bowser outlet, along with connecting the + & – power cables to your vehicles existing leisure battery + & – terminals.

Secured in place with provided mounting bolts and our system is installed. It really is that simple!!

If you feel our van pack system is still out of your price range, we have many other items available that can get you softwashing….

For example our proportioners alone will make softwashing more of an enjoyable experience.

Maybe you are just starting out with next to no money but are keen on building your own proportioner, we can supply each item individually for you to project…. (although this would cost more due to delivery).

To ensure that we stick Chem Mix Pro on the 🇬🇧 map with regards to the softwashing industry we needed something a bit more substantial than our tagline “Stainless Steel Softwash Solutions”….

“UK SOFTWASHING” sounded more suited to the job so we bought the domain

This domain will be forwarded to this very page for the time being as we work to build our directory of Chem Mix Pro UK Softwashing Professionals.

Businesses, Companies, or Individuals that purchase our equipment for professional use can be added to the UK softwashing directory with no additional cost.

Once established the directory will enable customers to find softwashing professionals in their local area that are more than adequately equipped to carry out the work.

Chem Mix Pro – UK Professional Softwashing Directory

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