Chem Mix Pro – Stainless Steel Softwash Systems – 20.8Lpm /4.1Bar


30 Metre Hose – 20.8Lpm/4.1Bar stainless steel softwashing systems.

The first system to be produced is the Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel Van Pack Softwash System.

The unit itself measuring 900x400x500mm, making this system especially for vans with single side loading doors the perfect fit.

As a standard feature for these off the shelf softwash units, we will be equipping them with our rinse and fill module.

This will ensure that the sodium hypochlorite valve can be well rinsed after use.

Additionally it makes light work of filling both the sodium hypochlorite and surfactant tanks.

Again as standard these systems will be fitted with 30 metres of chemical resistant hose, mounted on 40 metre Stainless Steel Hose Reel.

This provides the opportunity for the hose length to be increased/upgraded.

*Please note that these systems are already in high demand.*

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Chem Mix Pro – Rinse & Fill – 30 Metre Hose – Stainless Steel Softwash System – 20.8Lpm/4.1Bar

○ Stainless Steel Unit 900 x 400 x 500 mm.

○ Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel Chemical Mixing Proportioner.

○ Chem Mix Pro Stainless Steel Rinse & Fill Module.

○ Everflo EFSW5500 20.8lpm – 4.1bar – 12V Bleach Pump.

○ V16 HC Pump Controller.

○ 25 Litre, Metered Sodium Hypochlorite Tank.

○ 15 Litre Surfactant Tank.

○ 40 Metre Stainless Steel Hose Reel.

○ 30 Metre Chemical Resistant Hose.

○ PA Italy RB35 Washgun.

○ PA Italy RL60 Trigger gun.

○ Stainless Steel Softwash J-rod.

○ Stainless Steel Camlock Fittings.

○ 130ah Leisure Battery.

○ 10amp Mains Charger.


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