Chem Mix Pro – Wash & Wax Mixing Proportioner


The Original, Chemical Resistant Stainless Steel, Softwash Mix Proportioner. Stainless Steel Manifold boasting 3 x 1/2″ inlet ports and 1 x 3/4″ outlet to pump.

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The Chem Mix Pro – Wash & Wax is a version of our original mixing manifold system. Used to mix a proportions of Wash & Wax Solutions and water for application.

After creating the Chem Mix Pro we were happy with the results of our product and claimed it to be the greatest softwash chemical mixing proportioner on the planet, job done!!

That was before we set out to look at other proportioners that we could add to our range to enable us to be able to offer different proportioners for different proportioner requirements.

And so came along the Chem Mix Pro Mini and additionally the Chem Mix Pro Plus which rightly deserved the title by far the greatest chemical mixing proportioner on the planet.


○ Made using only chemical resistant stainless steel.

○ 3 x ½” manifold inlet ports

○ 1 x ½” inlet barbs (water)

○ 2 x ¼” inlet barbs (wash & wax)

○ 1 x ¾” Manifold outlet port

○ 1 x ¾” outlet barb

Brief description:

Designed, created and used by professionals from the exterior cleaning / softwashing industry for the purpose of the softwashing and exterior cleaning industry….

The Chem Mix Pro is by no means inadequate for purpose. This all chemical resistant stainless steel proportioner is based on the common polypropylene counterpart although offering a more robust and accurate chemical mixing proportioner.

Made following the same principles as our other chemical resistant proportioners, this is our flagship proportioner for general softwashing applications.


○ Softwashing

○ Automotive

○ Agricultural

○ Exterior Cleaning

○ Food Production


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